Arjun lashes out against nightlife restrictions in Delhi

Actor Arjun Rampal says his LAP nightclub in a Delhi hotel is losing money following restrictions on their functioning in the wake of the gangrape of a 23-year-old woman in the Capital and feels ‘shutting down nightclubs early is not a solution to the growing crimes against women.’

Asked if he is suffering any loss due to the current scenario in Delhi, Arjun said: ‘Yes, of course, we are, because what happened is that the minute something like this happens, the first place that people close down early are nightclubs.’

‘I don’t agree with it... many feel that people will get drunk and come out, but those are not the rapists.

Rapists are the people who are sick in their head. It is wrong to just clamp down,’ he added.

After the incident, the authorities had asked all discotheques and nightclubs to close by 1 am. Arjun says people need to be protected with more manpower.
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