Ant-Man director talks about scrapped Fantastic Four film

Reed, who was originally attached to 20th Century Fox movie, long before it was handed over to director Josh Trank, said he was a huge Marvel fan but his version differed from the one Fox wanted to make, reported Digital Spy.

“I was a huge Marvel fan when I was a kid and knew Fantastic Four inside out, so I went in and got (hired for) the movie. I developed it for the better part of a year with three different sets of writers.
“But it became clear after a while that Fox had a very different movie in mind and they were also chasing a release date... so we ended up parting company. I felt like I couldn't make the movie I wanted to make in that environment,” he said.

Reed, who recently directed the superhero film Ant-Man, added that such an ‘environment’ is very different to the way that Fox and Marvel Studios work today.

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