Another book by Wendy Doniger under attack

Another book on Hinduism by American indologist Wendy Doniger has come under attack from the same Delhi-based group which had compelled the publishers of an earlier work by her to withdraw the title. Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti (SBAS) Saturday demanded that the Aleph Book Company stop sales and pulp all remaining copies of Doniger’s book ’On Hinduism’, published in 2013. Dina Nath Batra, who had led the charge against Doniger’s previous book, said that the contents of’On Hinduism’ were, like the previous work,’malicious and offending’. ‘She has used derogatory terms for Hindu deities, which hurts the sentiments of devotees,’ Batra charged. The book is part of a conspiracy hatched by’pseudo secularists’ to tarnish the image of Hindu culture and India, he alleged. ‘It is part of a conspiracy hatched by the children of (Karl) Marx and (Thomas) Macaulay to tarnish the image of Hindu culture. There are certain pseudo secularists who are behind this conspiracy,’ Batra alleged. Atul Kothari, co-convener of SBAS, said the publishers had
assured that they would pulp the book within a week but, if that did not happen, legal
recourse would be taken.
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