Aniston puts motherhood on hold?

Jennifer Aniston, who is currently dating actor Justin Theroux, has reportedly put her motherhood plans on hold.

'Quite simply, becoming a mother just does not seem as important to Jen as it once was. Her main priority is her relationship with Justin,' quoted a source as saying.

'Justin was open from the start that he was not looking to start a family anytime soon and far from being a deal-breaker, which it once would have been, Jen has realised that she's okay with that,' added the source.

However, the 43-year-old actress, who was earlier married to Brad Pitt, is not 'ruling motherhood out altogether'.

'Right now, she is focused on her relationship with Justin. She may re-evaluate down the line but for now she is happy with her life the way it is and seems to have given up on the notion that having a child will make her life complete.'

'For years she chased after this dream, hoping to get married again and have a baby. But she's realised that actually her life is pretty perfect as it is. She's found true love, she and Justin are wealthy enough to do whatever they want,' said the source.

Theroux is three years younger than Aniston.
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