Are Indian tariffs really high?

12 May 2019 5:13 PM GMT
Dubbed as ‘tariff king’, India’s average tariffs at 13.8 per cent turn out to be higher than most major trading economies

Understanding history

5 May 2019 3:54 PM GMT
The giants of yesteryears should be understood in the context of their times, not ours

Augmenting capacities

2 April 2019 5:05 PM GMT
Reducing gender inequalities in education will ensure better professional outcomes for businesses and society

Climbing the success ladder

19 March 2019 3:31 PM GMT
Investing in research & development will enhance the exponentially growing domain of biotechnology and impel the next success story of India’s

Brexit needs a 2nd referendum

7 March 2019 5:28 PM GMT
Game theory can explain why a no-deal is the only outcome in everyone’s best interests

Towards a more productive India

18 Feb 2019 3:22 PM GMT
India is undergoing a powerful wave of social and behavioural change movements

Boosting higher education

10 Feb 2019 5:31 PM GMT
Quality assurance strategies by UGC ensure higher enrolment in open and distance learning – essential for increasing skilled labour pool

A budget of good politics and economics

3 Feb 2019 4:38 PM GMT
The key is to infuse structural changes in the agriculture sector which will ensure that farmers do not remain dependent on welfare for sustenance

Reforming policies

27 Jan 2019 1:51 PM GMT
Resolving India’s agricultural crisis through economically efficient alternatives is the challenge for Modi government ahead of the interim Budget

Economy under duress

9 Jan 2019 2:48 PM GMT
With global trade wars, fluctuating oil prices and tightening monetary policies – world economies are stumbling and India is no exception

Developing Indian education

1 Jan 2019 3:36 PM GMT
Private investment and improvement in the quality of public education facilities is imperative for India to tap into its demographic potential

Learning from the past

25 Dec 2018 2:30 PM GMT
As India moves forward, it must retrospect on its past policy failures that had resulted in a regrettable economic slowdown
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