Am greedy for every young actor: Esha

The sultry Esha Gupta created waves with her performance in films like Jannat 2 and Raaz 3. In the Capital to launch a jewellary collection, Millennuim Post caught up with her on her life, love and acting. Here are excerpts:

What is your criteria of choosing a film — director, banner or the script?

It’s actually everything. I got lucky when I got Jannat 2. It was the same for Raaz 3 and Chakravyuh. But at the end, the director really matters because he can make you do wonders in a film, like what Vikram did with me in Raaz. I could emote a lot in the film.

Do models make good actors?

Why not? People have accepted me. So what’s the harm in models being actors? I think it’s good to have models as people want to see pretty faces. It’s good there are so many models in the industry — Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta. We have so many examples.

How difficult is surviving as a newcomer in Bollywood?

May be I just got lucky. Luck has a big role to play and God has been on my side. There are cons though. Newcomers are prone to mistakes. You don’t do that later. When I reach the level Deepika and Katrina are at I can’t make mistakes. I can still make mistakes now and learn.

Critical acclaim or commercial success?

Critics are entitled to their opinions whether we like it or not. And at times we get to know what we are doing wrong. But I would always opt for commercial success.

Easy for you to shed your inhibitions?

It’s my film and honestly we all are going so Western in our outlook. I don’t get why people react so much to a kissing scene. Don’t we all kiss in real life? In a film we have to do everything to make it seem real. Kissing is the purest form of love. We are not showing sex because at the end we have to cater to a large audience. It’s not a blue film we are making. Plus it’s very mechanical as there are 50 odd people at the shoot and after every 30 seconds someone says cut. We get conscious. The moment you go wrong it can look vulgar. And my worry is when my father sees my films, he should not cringe.

What’s your take on the desi Angelina Jolie tag?

I am so over it. You know, I look exactly like my mother. I don’t look like anyone else, I feel. We have enough beauty in our country. I don’t want to be Angelina Jolie.

Why don’t we get to hear about your link ups? Single or careful?

I am careful and single as well. Why should I have link ups? I want my work to speak.

Who is the hottest Khan in Bollywood?

Salman Khan! Hands down! Because he is just Salman Khan.

Tell us about your dream role...

I am a big Sri Devi fan and I just loved her in Khuda Gawah and Lamhe. Though I always wished I could be a part of the films but I think no one can play those roles as perfectly as she did. But if I get a chance I would like to try and play characters similar to hers.

Among the young actors, who would you like to be paired with?

Everyone please! I love Ranbir, Arjun, Ranveer and Imran. I am so greedy, why should I stick to one. I want to be paired with everyone.

You are a Delhi girl and you have now shifted to Mumbai. Which do you think is a better city?

Delhi is where my heart is. Mumbai is where my dream is. Delhi scores as my family is here. I was born and brought up here. Also, the food in Delhi is something you can’t miss. But Mumbai is magical and the city is what made me who I am today.
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