Aircraft capable of flying day and night on solar power to land in India

'Solar Impulse will land in India in April 2015 and will be the first ever day and night abled solar powered aircraft to do so,' Solar Impulse CEO Andre Borschberg said here Wednesday.

He said it is for the first time in history that an airplane has succeeded in flying day and night, powered by nothing but solar energy.

The aircraft is powered by 12,000 solar cells and flies in the dark by reaching high altitudes during the day and gliding downward over long distances at night. It uses no fossil fuels.

'The light solar plane flies at around 70 km per hour and is especially sensitive to air turbulence,' Borschberg told IANS.

'Solar Impulse that weighs 2,740 kg is an attempt to push the envelope as far as research and innovation are concerned in areas such as renewable energy and materials research. It is also a powerful educational tool, encouraging young minds to unleash their imagination,' Borschberg added.

The city where the aircraft will make its first stop in India is yet to be decided.
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