AIADMK's Thambi Durai urges Sasikala to become CM

In a statement Durai said: "The past history has shown that some Governments had been pushed to several hurdles and was incapable of delivering its promises and that, such governments have lost their credibility among the people, when the leadership of the party and the leadership of the Government was in the hands of two different persons."

He said people in India have not accepted the situation where the leadership of the party and that of the government are in two different hands.

The people believe that governments focussed attention on fulfilling its electoral promises will be there only when both-the party and the government- was in a single person's hands.

He said the unfinished tasks of the AIADMK party and the government, as expected by late Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa will be completed only when the leadership of the party and the government are in the hands of one person.

He said the nation is going to face parliamentary polls in two years time and AIADMK has to function very effectively to get people's support.

O.Panneerselvam was sworn in as the Chief Minister following the death of Jayalalithaa.

Jayalalithaa's close aide Sasikala was elected as the party's General Secretary. She formally took charge on December 31.
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