After Rahul’s push for Lokpal, Anna hails draft bill

‘I will call off my fast as soon as the bill is passed by the Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha endorses it and the President signs it into a law,’ Hazare told reporters, shortly after Rahul Gandhi made a strong pitch for passing the bill, describing it as a ‘very, very powerful instrument’ in the fight against corruption.

Hazare said several of his expectations from the legislation have been met and expressed satisfaction over the bill which was presented in the Rajya Sabha on Friday. ‘I am satisfied with whatever I have seen of the draft bill and so I welcome it,’ he said.

Hazare said bringing the Prime Minister within the purview of the Lokpal and both CBI and CVC under its control were good steps.

‘We had been insisting for a long time on freeing CBI from government control’, he said.
Meanwhile, flanked by veteran party leaders on Saturday evening while addressing the media in the capital, Rahul Gandhi appealed to all political parties to help in passage of the Lokpal bill in the current winter session. Gandhi asserted it was a matter of ‘national importance’ and will be a ‘serious weapon to fight corruption.’ Describing it as a ‘strong bill’ Gandhi said that will completely transform the face of corruption in India. The bill, which has been passed in the Lok Sabha, will be discussed in the Rajya Sabha on Monday.

Seeking support from all political parties to pass the bill, Gandhi said, ‘Lokpal Bill is not the solution for everything, but it is a big step. Parties must put aside concerns for now. If we can get support of all parties, Lokpal will be a powerful thing for this country.’
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