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After crafting Sachin, Bengal’s sculptor sets eyes on Mamata’s wax statue

’I now want to create a statue of Didi, Bengal’s chief minister’, gushes the 55-year-old wax statue maker from Asansol, who wants to gift Sachin a life-size wax statue made by him for this grand occasion.

Ray is not new to the world of glitz and glam, since he crafted a statue of the Big B in 2001 and gifted it to him personally. He followed it up with a wax statue of the CPI-M patriarch Jyoti Basu in 2003. ‘I have done Sachin before this.  At the Sahara sports complex in Mumbai, I crafted a statue of Sachin but that was made of fibre glass last year. Watching him play helped me create this wax statue which is a gift for the God of cricket’, Ray told Millennium Post.

Interestingly, the wax statue a la Madame Tussaud’s is not just made of wax. ‘A lot of material goes into it, like clay, iron rod, fibre glass and the like. It takes over a year to build. But I just wanted to gift one to Sachin’, says the wax sculptor.Madame Tussaud's however does not allow sculptors from outside to build wax statues, he rues.

If Ray has one unfulfilled dream now, it is to craft a statue of Bengal’s first woman chief minister, Mamata Banerjee. He also dreams of visiting the Tendulkar home in Mumbai and build a museum of Sachin memorabilia for him.
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