Add textures to winter layers

I inherited a nice sari from my grandmom. The material was silk, and had a nice woven border and pallu. With time, the material has frayed and the sari can’t be worn anymore. Can I restore the sari in any way, since it has certain emotional values attached to it?

Well, since the maintenance wasn’t upto the mark, therefore the sari has become damaged. Such heirloom pieces needs to be put under the sun from time to time, and wrapped them up in muslin and kept in a nice box. As for restoration, you can always get some silk and dye it in the same body colour and attach the pallu and border to this new piece. Recycling is always good with heirlooms. If you want you can also play with materials. Like you can trade georgette for silk.

How do I add some colour to my winter dressing?

Colours are very in these days. Cigarette pants in papaya and orange are best paired with fuschia blouses or cardigans. Electric blue also makes for an interesting option. You can add colour to your accessories too with Mary Janes, boots, bags etc.

I love layering my clothes. How do I play with layers in my winter dressing?

The best thing about winter is layers. And don’t be afraid to play with textures while you’re at it. Wear a loose knit sweater over a crepe skirt. Angora roll-necks and sheer blouses add softness to slick leather bottoms, while faux fur edging on quilted coats and cardigans is a subtle way to work the trend.

I have never tried monochrome dressing. However, a friend gifted me a monochrome jacket — black prints on a white base. How do I wear it now?

It’s a very interesting time for you, because with new year around the corner, you are also going to attend a new fashion phase. You can always say checkmate to colours and stick to monochromes for your regular dressing. However, since you want to stress on the jacket, you can team it with a bright dress. How about wearing this jacket with a black outfit? Put on your black stilettoes and add a clutch. Try it!

I have this lovely jacket given to me by my ex-boyfriend. I still relish that piece. But I have become quite petite now. Please tell me how can I wear the jacket best?

I can very well understand the emotion attached to this piece. There’s a good news for you, that oversize is en vogue now. Play around with this oversized jacket. Team it with your palazzos, denims, skirts. Or for a twist, why not try it with a sari this time?

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