‘Abhinav refused to direct Dabangg 2’

The god of the movie-going masses, who is commonly known as Salman Khan, is all set to be back to the silver screen with his hitmaking machine Dabangg 2. We caught up with him for an interview. Here are excerpts:   

Will Dabangg 2 start where Dabangg eventually ended?

This film will go ahead of Dabangg, as in the first part Chulbul Pandey marries Rajjo and the film ends there. In the second part, Pandey is a family man. His mother always wanted to have a united family and that can be seen in this film. Chulbul’s brother and father are also there and their relationship improves. He gets posted to Kanpur and is the station-in-charge there, and comes face-to-face with Chedi Singh.

Do you always stick to the script?

When something is written, it is done in a room. But when at the sets, things change. There we work as a unit, and we all work for the betterment of the film, taking into account the advice of everyone involved.

Why did Abhinav Kashyap not direct the film?

We wanted it to be directed by him. In fact, I called Abhinav twice myself but he refused.

Were you surprised when Abhinav declined your offer?

Naturally I was, because we making the sequel of a successful film of which he was the 
director. Anyway Arbaaz has done good work as the director and has helped in taking it to a higher level.

Who took the advisor’s role on the sets?

I am aware of Arbaaz’s capabilities as a director. He is my brother. If there was someone else, I would have thought 10 times before giving him advice. In this case I wasn’t doing so because there was no awkwardness. If I would suggest something to him and if he refused to accept it, it didn’t affect us because it was a thing between brothers and we laughed it off. We did have fights but it ended after sometime. After all we were brothers. Arbaaz and I used to fight even as children.

So Dabangg 2 will be a hit because you star in it?

Time moves on. I have given hits as well as some unsuccessful films. After my film flops, I start working very hard on the next ventures. Till the time audience gets to see new films they are happy.

What kind of films do you like working in?

I like those films which I can myself watch in the theatre.

According to the buzz, you have also started working on Dabangg 3?

It all depends on the success of Dabangg 2. We have worked very hard for it and hope it will do well. Because of this we have started working on 75 per cent of Dabangg 3’s script already. But I will say this again that before talking about Dabangg 3, we should look forward to 21 December. It’s only after that and seeing the audience’s reaction we will take a call.
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