AAP’s rise a challenge for established institutions, says Amartya Sen

Aam Aadmi Party’s rise is an ‘important departure’ in politics which has challenged the established institutions, eminent economist Amartya Sen said on Saturday. The Nobel laureate also said that Anna Hazare’s decision to stay away from the ‘crusade’ was not wise.

‘Anna Hazare did not join the crusade which I think was not a very wise thing to do in the sense that you stand outside the legal system,’ Sen said during a debate on a television channel. He also criticised Supreme Court’s verdict restoring the ban on gay sex in India and said that criminalisation of homosexuality is a violation of the protection of minority rights. ‘When it comes to the rights of minorities, whether it is religious minority or in terms of lifestyle like gay for example, criminalisation of that would be a violation of protection rights of minorities,’ Sen said.

Infosys mentor NR Narayana Murthy also praised Kejriwal and his party and said what he has brought to the table is that if one has a few powerful messages, he can win elections with very little money.

Manish Tewari disagrees with Cong on AAP

New Delhi: A day after Congress extended unconditional support to AAP in Delhi, Union minister Manish Tewari disagreed with the party’s stand today, saying it should not have supported the fledgling outfit at all. ‘I do not think we should have done it at all... We ruled for 15 years for good, bad or ugly. People have rejected us. We should accept the verdict in all humility,’ he said, adding that it was time for Congress to introspect. Tewari, however, stressed that it was his personal opinion and he was not speaking for the party. Speaking at a debate on a private TV channel, he said it was really between BJP and AAP, who have emerged as the two largest parties in Delhi, to find ways to form a government. He also said time might have come for election funding reforms to account for every rupee political parties receive.
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