AAP’s momentum in Uttar Pradesh

Ever since AAP surprised all political parties by its unexpected performance there is tremendous enthusiasm in people of this state to associate with the party and the movement.

AAP national spokesman Sanjay Singh recently declared in Lucknow that during last one month, already one lakh persons have applied for membership. Sanjay Singh also disclosed that the party had received good number of applications for party tickets for which the last date is 15 January.

 Going by the Delhi experiment, which gave good results, Sanjay Singh said that district ands state committee would scrutinise the applications and the final decision would be taken by the political affair committee of the party. Much significance is being attached to the statement of Sanjay Singh that AAP will challenge all the major political parties and put good candidates against SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi and BJP national president Rajnath Singh. AAP will launch its Lok Sabha campaign in UP from 12 January rally in Amethi where Kumar Vishwas will announce his candidacy against Rahul Gandhi. AAP has announced that it would fight against corruption and lawlessness prevailing in UP under the regime of Akhilesh Yadav government. The leaders of AAP have also blamed BJP and SP for indulging in communal politics, which resulted in Muzaffarnagar riots. AAP leaders have blamed all major political parties in UP including Congress, BSP, BJP and SP for dividing the society in backwards, upper caste, dalits and Muslim-Hindu. They claimed that problems being faced by the people irrespective of their caste and religion were major issues. Significantly enough, AAP is getting support from prominent Muslim religious leaders who have announced their intention to issue appeal for the good candidates. Senior Muslim religious leader Taukir Raza of powerful Barelvi school of thought has already announced his support for AAP. Similarly in Lucknow, prominent Shia leader Maulana kalbe Jawad has openly announced his support to AAP.

While talking to IPA, leaders of AAP informed that good number of educated Muslim youths were in touch with them to become members of the party.

 However prominent Muslim leader of weavers Mateen said that Muslims would not be divided this time and they would vote for AAP to bring about change in the society. ‘Till now Muslims were being used by different political parties and were being exploited,’ opined Mateen. He added that even in rural areas, Muslims were talking about AAP.  Prominent political expert Ramesh Dixit said that people are fed up of Congress, BJP, SP and BSP because of corruption, caste communal politics and were looking for an alternative and are likely to join AAP to work for proper change and betterment. Only time will tell ho AAP fare on these vital issues in future, Dixit added.


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