AAP builds a roof for Rahul’s ‘favourite’ Dalit in Amethi

AAP leader Kumar Vishwas, who has decided to challenge Rahul in Amethi, had visited Sunita’s house on 12 January. On finding that the family was still leading a despondent life in a mud house with no roof in the bitter cold, he had then assured the woman that AAP workers would at least arrange a roof for the house. AAP workers contributed from their pocket and have put an asbestos roof. They, however, refused to divulge the cost, saying it was just few hundred.

‘There are many Sunitas in Amethi and other parts of the country. We don’t have means to help all of them, that’s why we are working to change the system and give power to the people so that they don’t have to beg before politicians,’ said Vishwas. AAP leader said Congress claims to have spent over Rs 55,000 crore on Amethi’s development, to me they are not visible. 

Sunita expressed her gratitude to AAP workers and said that she was happy that Vishwas has fulfilled his promise. Rahul had visited Sunita’s two room house on 26 January 2008, dined and spent a night and assured to redress her problems. In fact, in 2008, Rahul had visited several dalit families in UP to build a campaign against the then Mayawati government. He used Sunita’s name in several public meetings to win over Dalits.
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