AAP, BJP fight off each other on social media

After the AAP and BJP workers clash on Wednesday, the social media has turned into a battle ground for both of these parties. Both the parties alleged each other instigated the violence on Wednesday and uploaded several contains to prove their points.

‘AAP volunteers as well as leaders have been subjected to varied degrees of harassment in past 36 hours. Professor Anand Kumar, renowned thinker and JNU professor, an AAP member is in police custody and will be taken very soon to hospital for medical test while Nalin Kohli, spokesperson of BJP who accepted of leading the attack on AAP is still roaming free. Is this justice? AAP posted a picture in which BJP leader Nalin Kohili was shown to lead to the BJP workers to attacked on AAP workers,’ AAP uploaded the pictures and their verson AAP facebook page.

‘Why AAP leaders are facing these hurdles on a visit to Gujarat? Will the situation be similar if leaders of any other political party do so? Here is AAP leader’ Manish Sisodia’s tweeted this morning. Aam Aadmi Party Activists were brutally attacked by ‘some goons who came out of BJP Office’ in Lucknow for peacefully protesting outside BJP office. The protest was against illegal detention of Arvind Kejriwal in Gujarat, another post said. Later senior AAP leader Manish Sisodia twitted again ‘If BJP leaders think they can hide corruption in Gujarat by attacking my car,then they are underestimating power of Aam Gujarati.’
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