Aamir working on films on malnutrition

Bollywood star Aamir Khan and lyricist Prasoon Joshi are quite a team by now. They are working on their pet project on social awareness — films on malnutrition — and the writer says that they connect because they do not compromise on their principles.

‘Aamir and I have been invited by the prime minister of India to make campaign films against malnutrition. It’s a project very close to our hearts. Every second child in India is malnourished. Aamir and I are doing 50 short films together on malnutrition,’ said Prasoon.

Aamir and Prasoon are participating in the awareness campaign along with a core group which includes the Citizens’ Alliance against Malnutrition and the United Nations Children’s Fund. The group is working with the government to design, produce and launch a campaign to alert and educate people. According to data in a hunger and malnutrition report, underweight children under five years at 42 per cent.

‘We both feel the same way about our art. We can’t take flags and wave them on the streets. But Aamir and I can use our space to create social awareness,’ he added.

Earlier, Prasoon had teamed up with Aamir for Taare Zameen Par and he has also penned lyrics for the star’s first TV show Satyamev Jayate.

‘Basically the theme song is the essence of what Aamir is trying to achieve in the show. When I heard his ideas on what ails the country and how we can change it, I was utterly enthused. He showed me the footage he had shot all over the country, and I was overwhelmed. Immediately wrote the first four lines of the song. He loved them... he wonders why we are always blaming the government for all the ills. We spoke for hours and days. I finally came up with the lines, Mujhko khud ko hi hai tatolnaa, agar hai kami to bolnaa,’ said Prasoon.

‘I don’t have any offer from Rajya Sabha. But I feel wherever I am right now I am very happy. Whatever I am doing in my profession, I am able to make more contribution to my society.’ Aamir told reporters.
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