5-km elevated road in the offing to ease Noida-Gr Noida traffic

In order to provide signal-free movement between Noida and Greater Noida via Dadri-Surajpur-<g data-gr-id="35">Chalera</g> (DSC) road, the only alternate of the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Noida Authority has decided to construct a 5-kilometre long elevated road on it. The authority has announced to construct the road on its busiest stretch which will begin from Noida’s entry/exit point (Sector 41) and will go up to the road near the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Once completed, the road will provide a major relief to nearly three lakh commuters who use the road on a daily basis.

According to the <g data-gr-id="43">officials</g> a total of Rs 500 crore would be spent on the project which will be borne by the authority itself. As the authority is in <g data-gr-id="40">process</g> of finalising the tenders of the project, construction work is likely to be started within three months from now and the entire work is expected to be finished within 18 months. 

“We have brought a new DPR in this project which has been sent to IIT Delhi for its technical examining. The work on this project is to be started soon,” said a senior official.

Superintendent of Police (Traffic), Noida, RNP Mishra said: “The move will ease the burden on Noida Traffic Police as the department is already facing staff crunch. The DSC road is infamous for traffic congestion and vehicle pile-ups. Thousands of office goers used this route to reach their offices. Once completed, the six-lane carriageway will provide seamless traffic movement on the entire road connecting Noida and Greater Noida.”

Notably, nearly three lakh commuters ply daily through this route to reach both the cities via <g data-gr-id="30">Barola</g>, Bhangel 

and Phase-II and get stuck in a traffic mess during the peak hours as the road passes through residential areas and markets. 

Encroachment by local vendors and shop owners lead to massive traffic jams at various junctions. Breaking the dividers on this road, the locals have created cuts at various points to get a feasible crossing that causes the road to get blocked further. 

Often on this road, heavy vehicles breakdown which <g data-gr-id="32">too</g> cause long traffic jams.
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