3Gs get together to drown NaMo chant

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul and daughter Priyanka on Wednesday singularly targeted Narendra Modi, saying he believes in keeping all powers to himself and claims that he alone can make the country a paradise.

‘One individual goes across the country and says that he will make India a paradise. You should reject the ambition of that individual,’ Sonia said in an apparent reference to Modi while addressing a rally in Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

She accused Modi of representing an ideology which is a ‘dangerous combination of religious fanaticism, power and money’ and said it should be rejected.

The intention of BJP and Modi is to divide the country on communal line and communal harmony is under threat under them, she said, adding ‘The country cannot progress in such a situation.’ 
In Kishanganj in Bihar, Rahul spoke on similar lines.

‘He (Modi) claims to know everything. According to him nobody else contributed in the development of Gujarat except him and now he will say the same about the entire country,’ he said ridiculing the Gujarat Chief Minister.

‘Hindustan ko ullu banana bandh karo,’ (stop fooling the people of the country),’ Rahul said addressing a rally in the minority-dominated constituency.
Modi also came in for severe attack from Priyanka in Rae Bareli where she kicked off the campaign for her mother who is fighting the Lok Sabha election from here. 

Targeting Modi without naming him, Priyanka said some people believe that power should be centred around a few.

Those who believe in such an ideology say, ‘Listen to me, I will take all decisions. All capacities are within me and you should vote seeing this.’ 

Addressing a public meeting, she told the electorate. ‘You have to think whether power has to come to people or should it be centred in the hands of one person. Whether unity should be promoted in the nation or communalism.’ 

Congress, she said, wants to empower common people and all schemes have been made keeping in mind the objective that you should be strengthened.

‘On the other hand, there is another ideology in which all powers are centred in one person’s hand where one man’s decision will be applicable to all and all government policies and programmes will be aimed at some selected people. This is a separate ideology,’ she said.
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