30 night vision devices to keep eye on crime, traffic violators

To put a check on crime and traffic violations at night, the Delhi Police have decided to purchase 30 night vision devices. 

These devices can function even without the moon and can detect a person or object from a distance of 400 metre. These devices can capture the image of a person or an object at 300 metre. It can also detect a light commercial vehicle  about 500 metre away and can recognise it at a distance of 400 meters.

Police/ traffic policemen posted in crime-prone areas, border posts and PCR vans will be equipped with night vision devices and speed cameras, which will help them maintain a tight vigil over the movement of people and vehicles.

Night vision signifies the ability to see at night. It will enable the police to check criminals and traffic violators and vehicles in the dark as well. These devices can operate in any weather condition – fog, rain, snow, etc, and are water-proof. 

The device can work even when submerged in water as deep as one metre for half-an-hour, without the water damaging it. The device will have Binocular (PNV) facility. Each device weighs around 990 gm  including cells/ batteries.

Each of these devices will have a resolution of 64 Ip/mm or better. The night vision device will operate independently on primary and rechargeable cells and battery.

The national Capital needs these devices to check crime and track errant motorists, who  manage to escape taking the advantage of the dark. 

These devices will help the police keep an eye on traffic violations such as jumping signals and speeding, lane violations, zig-zag driving and sudden changes in speed.

Seeing through the dark

 Night vision devices can function even without the moon and can detect a person or object from a 
distance of 400 metre. They can identify the person/ object at 300 metre

 These water-proof equipment can function even if submerged in 1-m-deep water for half-an-hour

 The equipment can function in any weather condition
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