19-yr-old’s murder forces Delhi Police to dig out past records and launch two schemes

Allegations of inaction, negligence and reluctance in dealing with the murder of a 19-year-old girl in Central Delhi’s Anand Parbat–especially in connection to complaints filed earlier by the victim’s family–compelled Delhi Police to dig out records pertaining from the concerned colony in the past eight years and launch two new policing schemes in the area, a senior police official said on Monday.

“We found out as many as 69 complaints and PCR logs filed between 2008 and 2015 from Punjabi Basti–the colony in Anand Parbat where both the 19-year-old Meenakshi, and the two accused lived with their families–which did not turn into FIRs after initial investigation. Of that, around four complaints were found in connection to issues involving the families of Meenakshi and the accused brothers,” said SK Gautam, Joint Commissioner of Police (Central).

Of the four complaints, one turned out to be the result of a quarrel between the two families reported from a gathering near a make-shift temple set up at the colony during the ‘navratras’. The source further said, the second incident was a result of a fight between the children of two families in which the adults also got involved eventually and allegedly started hurling abuses at each other.

The third case was a result of a dispute in connection to water supply. One party had alleged that the high-power water motor of one of them kept the other deprived of water, said the source. He further said, in the fourth complaint, Meenakshi’s mother had alleged that one of the accused had threatened that he would pour acid on Meenakshi. 

On Monday, Delhi Police also announced formally the launch of an Alternate Complaint Resolution Scheme in the area under which, officials of the ACP rank shall visit all three police stations under their sub-divisions on Saturdays and attend to complaints, especially in regard to women safety. On July 25 (Saturday), the police in Central district attended around 1,500 such complaints, said SK Gautam.

The police also launched a door-to-door policing scheme–named Operation Bharosa–in Anand Parbat area, Gautam added. 

‘Of 55 arrested, two actually turned out to be locals’

Of the 55 people arrested on charges of ‘rioting’ outside police stations in two separate incidents in connection to the murder of a 19-year-old woman from Central Delhi’s Anand Parvat, only two were locals of the area, said a senior police official on Monday.

“On July 19, agitated protesters who claimed to be from Anand Parvat, had held a demonstration outside the police headquarters. As many as 35 of them were arrested for rioting, of which, only one was found to be a local from Anand Parvat,” said SK Gautam, Joint Commissioner of Police (Central). 
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