14-year-old boy who consumed poison safe

A 14-year-old boy, who consumed a mosquito repellent and suffered from liver and kidney failure, was saved after a 60-hour treatment at a city hospital, authorities said on Thursday. The boy, a resident of North Delhi, decided to end his life by drinking the mosquito repellent after a quarrel with his parents. Within minutes, he became unconscious and his body turned completely blue. The panicked parents rushed him to a private hospital where the doctors said that the poison had caused liver and kidney failure. In spite of the hospital’s efforts, the boy’s condition deteriorated and hence he was referred to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

“When we received the child in our casualty, he was in a critical shape. His haemoglobin was at dangerously low levels of 3.6 (normal 13+). The liver was affected with <g data-gr-id="15">jaundice</g>,” said Anil Sachdev, director of Paediatric Emergency and Critical Care and Pulmonology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. 
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