Pray to god for Raavana-like Corona to end in India: CM

Update: 2021-10-15 19:02 GMT

New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal while ceremoniously lighting a 30-foot high effigy of Raavana on fire at the Luv-Kush Ramlila near the Red Fort, said on Friday that he prayed for the Raavana-like Corona which the world has been battling for a year and a half, is defeated all over the country.

"I pray to God that everyone in our country remains healthy and diseases get destroyed. May all of us get blessings in our houses and may God bless us all with lots of happiness," the CM said, noting that he missed the crowds that he sees at Ramlilas every year. He said collective prayers of everyone will have a strong effect and urged all to do the same.

Kejriwal also ceremoniously lit the effigies of Kumbhakarna and Megnad at the event. He said, "Lord Shri Ramchandra ji did not kill any particular person, but killed Adharma with his Dharma."

Members of the committee also felicitated the CM, gifting him shawls, patkas and turbans along with a Ram Darbar, a sword and a mace.

The event did not use any firecrackers.

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