Hospital in Delhi wrongly declares man as HIV positive

Update: 2017-12-07 18:24 GMT

NEW DELHI: With the national Capital grappling with controversies at several top hospitals on grounds of overcharging and alleged medical negligence, another private medical hospital landed itself in trouble for mistakenly declaring an Uttarakhand resident as HIV positive.
The executive committee of Delhi Medical Council (DMC) examined a complaint from Salim Ahmed, who was referred by a tout to undergo a medical fitness test at Neutech Medical Centre at Taimor Nagar in south Delhi.
Ahmad had applied for a job in Dubai and the test was part of his fitness requirement.
The hospital, however, reported him to be positive for the AIDS virus.
However, two subsequent tests in Gurugram and Uttarakhand reported him to be HIV negative and perfectly fit.
The executive committee noted that in spite of repeated notices, dated May 23, August 1 and August 22 this year, sent to the medical superintend of Neutech Medical Centre, authorities of the hospital failed to submit the written statement and medical records pertaining to test of Salim Ahmed.
The Council, in a written letter to Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), said: "This recalcitrant attitude of the medical centre is highly deplorable and reflects poorly on the management in-charge.
"It is further observed that prima facie, it appears that the complainant has been victim of incompetence of the Neutech Medical Centre, as he has been wrongfully reported to be having HIV-positive and declared unfit vide their report Feb 1, 2017 and made to suffer because of that."
The letter further highlighted that as the subsequent blood test report, dated February 10, at Quest Diagnostic lab at Gurugram and CHC lab at Uttarakhand reported the complainant to be HIV negative.
The DGHS was urged to "take stringent action, including closure of the Neutech Medical Centre, as it is apprehended that such a centre may not be equipped or have proper qualified doctors to run lab tests", the letter added.

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