Abir Chatterjee to play Swapan Kumar’s sleuth, Deepak Chatterjee

Update: 2023-05-16 15:12 GMT

Moving from Byomkesh, Feluda and Sonada, there’s a new detective in town. Actor Abir Chatterjee steps into the shoes of Deepak Chatterjee, the fictional detective character created by Bengali author Samarendranath Pandey under his pen name Swapan Kumar for Debaloy Bhattacharya’s upcoming Bengali film.

It goes without saying that Abir is one of the most sought-after actors in Bengali cinema when it comes to playing detective characters. Be it Byomkesh, Feluda or Sonada, he has aced each role with elan. Now, the actor will be seen bringing the long-forgotten Bengali detective Deepak Chatterjee to the big screen. Directed by Debaloy and presented by ‘Hoichoi Studios’, the film, titled ‘Shri Swapankumar-er Badami Hyena’r Kobole’ will hit the big screens soon.

As the story goes, the city is under threat and Badami Hyena, the notorious international terrorist, is coming to the city with sinister agendas. Deepak Chatterjee, the long-forgotten detective, comes out of his labyrinth once again after decades and it is at the insistence of the writer of his books, ‘Swapankumar’. He is a prolific pulp writer and the creator of Deepak Chatterjee. He wants him to get back to action and save the city once again. He wants to take the chance of writing another adventure story about Deepak, maybe for one last time.

Ratanlal, the longtime confidante of the detective Deepak Chatterjee, teams up with him to chase the villain who has arrived. They manage to grab the secret container that has the mythical lifeline of the Badami Hyena. But it goes missing when Ratan is killed. Given Bengalis’ love for detective films, the audience hopes Deepak Chatterjee will strike a chord with them.


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