'Life Is Good', Starring Jackie Shroff, Promises An Emotional Joyride

Update: 2022-12-08 16:32 GMT

Veteran actor Jackie Shroff will be seen in Ananth Mahadevan's upcoming film, 'Life is Good', produced under the banner of 'Anand Shukla Production'. Written by Sujit Sen, the film promises an emotional joyride filled with grief, loneliness and hope.

Rameshwar is a shy accountant, living a peaceful life amid the scenic hills of North India. His world is upended by the death of his mother, leaving him on his own. His loneliness is exacerbated by a lack of companionship. Plunged into depression, he considers suicide. The universe, however, had other plans as Mishti, a six-year-old girl entered Rameshwar's life. Fascinated by her spirit and zeal for life, he too begins to seek happiness in the smallest of things. Mishti grows older and is all set to move to America with her fiancée, bringing Rameshwar's life to a halt. He must now decide how to move on with his life. The real test of his grit comes when an unexpected tragedy strikes.

" 'Life is Good' is an inspiration to those who have given up on life," remarked Shroff, who gives a revelatory performance in this sweet, emotional drama. Despite being known for his action roles, the seasoned actor's versatility will be seen in this film, as brought out by acclaimed director Ananth Mahadevan.

An actor, director and theatre artist, Mahadevan is back again to enchant the audience with his latest film, as his films' poetic humanism aims to progressively change the climate of Indian cinema. The film also features Darshan Jariwala, Rajit Kapoor and Ankita Shrivastava as other lead characters.

'Life is Good' gets released today.


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