There will be no flooding in Yamuna this time: Minister

Update: 2024-06-11 19:09 GMT

New Delhi: In anticipation of the upcoming monsoon season, Delhi’s Irrigation and Flood Control minister, Saurabh Bharadwaj, visited the ITO Barrage on Tuesday to assess preparations for managing potential flood scenarios in the Yamuna River.

This proactive visit underscores the administration’s commitment to preventing a repeat of last year’s severe flooding.

Accompanied by departmental officials, Bharadwaj inspected the barrage and reviewed the measures in place to handle potential floodwaters. He emphasised that the unprecedented rainfall and water release from Haryana last year resulted in significant flooding, which led to severe waterlogging and inconvenience for Delhi residents. “Even if water comes to the same level as last year, there will be no flooding in Yamuna,” he assured.

Bharadwaj highlighted the collaborative efforts between Delhi and Haryana to manage the barrage, which falls under Haryana’s jurisdiction. “This time, the Delhi Irrigation and Flood Control Department has coordinated with the Haryana government to prepare for the potential issues,” he said. The preparations include ensuring that all gates at the barrage are opened to prevent any obstruction to water flow.

For the first time, the Delhi Irrigation and Flood Control Department is employing a new technique called the “Pilot Cut” to prevent water accumulation. This method involves digging small channels from the accumulated soil in front of the barrage, creating small islands of soil between the artificial channels. “When rainwater is released from Haryana, it will flow swiftly through these artificial channels, carrying with it the small soil islands, thereby eliminating any possibility of water stagnation and allowing the water to flow swiftly ahead,” explained Bharadwaj.

The minister also addressed the repair and maintenance of regulators, which were damaged in last year’s floods. “All regulators damaged due to floods last year have been repaired,” he noted, adding that broken regulators have been replaced and thoroughly tested to prevent future incidents.

Bharadwaj acknowledged that water accumulation in urban areas involves multiple agencies, including the DDA, PWD, and MCD. However, he expressed confidence in the measures taken by his department. “As the Minister of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department responsible for handling flood situations in the Yamuna, they have prepared this year in such a way that they are hopeful there will be no flood situation in the Yamuna this year,” he concluded.

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