Noida International Airport conducts 1st calibration flight

Update: 2024-04-19 19:00 GMT

Greater Noida: The Noida International Airport conducted it’s first calibration flight test, said officials on Friday.

As per officials, a DVOR calibration flight was conducted to test navigation systems of the Noida airport. A Beechcraft King Air B300 aircraft was used for the calibration flight.

The Noida international airport, which is being built in Jewar of Greater Noida along the Yamuna Expressway is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This will relieve the air traffic from Indira Gandhi International Airpot (IGI) in New Delhi.

On Thursday evening, the Noida International Airport’s officials account posted on X, “A bright and sunny day at #NIAirport set the perfect stage for a DVOR calibration flight, the first of many. The Beechcraft King Air B300 took to the skies, to ensure all @aai_official navigation equipment works flawlessly. #FromTheGroundUp”.

A senior officer said that the trail calibration flight is an aviation operation conducted to verify and fine-tune the accuracy of navigation equipment used at airports.

“During a calibration flight, specialised aircraft equipped with precise measurement instruments fly predefined patterns around the airport’s airspace. These instruments collect data on the performance of various navigation aids, such as instrument landing systems (ILS), very high frequency omnidirectional range (VOR) stations, distance measuring equipment (DME), and Doppler VHF omnirange (DVOR) stations” a senior officer said.

As per information shared, DVOR is a type of ground-based radio navigation system used by aircraft for navigation. It provides pilots with accurate information about their position and direction relative to the DVOR station.

DVOR stations emit VHF radio signals that aircraft receive and interpret to determine their bearing from the station.

The significance of calibration flights and DVOR for an airport lies in ensuring the safety and efficiency of air

navigation operations.

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