Breaking barriers: Srishti Dabas’ journey to Civil Services success

Update: 2024-04-19 18:59 GMT

NEW DELHI: The woman candidate who secured the sixth all-India rank among all candidates selected for the Civil Services this year, Srishti Dabas, stands out in several ways. Growing up in a challenging household under the care of a single mother, she achieved success on her initial attempt. She completed her postgraduation in Political Science from IGNOU through distance learning. Unlike many aspirants drawn to urban postings, she aspires to join the Indian Administrative Service to effect positive change in the lives of people in rural communities.

Following her schooling in Delhi, Srishti pursued a Honors in Political Science from IP College at Delhi University. She gained valuable experience working in the Government and organisations. She was a State Coordinator in the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, where she oversaw the grassroots impact of grants. Presently, she serves as a Manager at the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai.

Regarding her Civil Services preparation strategy and advice for fellow aspirants, she emphasised the significance of consistent daily study and self-confidence. Her chosen optional subject for the examination was Political Science and International Relations. She diversified her preparation by consulting various books and regularly reading four newspapers in the months leading up to the interview.

Asked about which state cadre she would opt for in the IAS she said that she would like to work in Rajasthan. “I have always been fascinated by our country’s cultural heritage and working for development in rural areas. Rajasthan has a rich cultural heritage and is predominately rural and thus suits my interests”, she says.

When questioned about advising candidates facing initial setbacks, Srishti advocates for ambitious aspirations and self-confidence, saying, “I have a different take. I think a candidate should aim at big things, have self-confidence, study with determination and hope that perhaps he can be successful in the first attempt itself and even aim at a very high rank or even All India Rank One.”

Beyond her academic achievements, Shrishti is also a talented Kathak dancer, intending to pursue her passion for dance alongside her civil service career. Our civil services are fortunate to have a new entrant who puts commitment to the welfare of the masses above her comfort.

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