Atishi reviews arrangements for Kanwar Yatra

Update: 2024-06-11 19:05 GMT

New Delhi: The Kejriwal government has initiated extensive preparations for the upcoming Kanwar Yatra, set to commence on July 22, ensuring that ‘Shiv Bhakt’ Kanwariyas have a seamless and enriching pilgrimage experience. Delhi’s Revenue minister, Atishi, convened a review meeting with district magistrates and senior officials to strategise the meticulous arrangements for this significant event.

This year, approximately 200 Kanwar camps will be established across Delhi, focusing on East Delhi, North East Delhi, and Shahdara districts, which serve as the primary entry and exit points for the devotees. These efforts underscore the government’s commitment to the comfort and safety of the Kanwariyas.

Atishi affirmed, “Like every year, this year too, the Kejriwal government will set up Kanwar camps for the convenience of Kanwariyas across Delhi, where all the necessary facilities will be ensured for them. Waterproof tents, furniture, toilets, water, medical, and other necessary facilities will be available in the camp for Kanwariyas. In this regard, instructions have been given to all the district administrations to ensure every necessary step for the safety and facilities of Kanwariyas.”

The Kanwar Yatra, held during the holy month of Savan, sees millions of devotees journeying to Haridwar to collect sacred water. To facilitate their pilgr)image, the

Delhi government annually sets up camps providing essential amenities for the Kanwariyas’ rest and stay.

Atishi emphasized the government’s proactive approach in ensuring a smooth experience for the devotees. “In this holy month of Savan, the Kejriwal government is making all necessary arrangements for the service, convenience, and security of ‘Shiv Bhakt Kanwariyas’ and has instructed all

the district administrations to remain alert so that Kanwariyas do not face any kind of problem,” she stated.

Given the significant influx of devotees, East Delhi, North East Delhi, and Shahdara districts will host the majority of the camps to efficiently manage the crowd. Local

dispensaries will be linked to the camps, CAT ambulances will be on standby for emergencies, and hospitals have been instructed to make special arrangements for the Kanwariyas’ treatment.

To ensure the camps’ preparedness, Revenue minister Atishi has mandated that all District Magistrates submit weekly reports detailing their progress. This proactive measure aims to address any potential issues well in advance, guaranteeing that the Kanwariyas’ journey is both safe and comfortable.

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