Ahead of festivals, DCP East conducts patrolling

Update: 2022-09-30 19:32 GMT

New Delhi: East Delhi district police on Friday conducted an area domination exercise to ensure the safety and security of the public as well as to instill confidence amongst them in the wake of the forthcoming festive season.

DCP East Delhi, Priyanka Kashyap said that such exercise also put apprehension and deterrent impact over anti-social elements and criminals in our jurisdiction.

"Our police team has undertaken a special convoy patrolling and group foot patrolling covering the sensitive and

crime-prone areas of East District on Friday," DCP Priyanka Kashyap said.

Kashyap who herself rode on a motorcycle, led the convoy patrol from the front.

Sachin Sharma, Addl. DCP-I, East District, ACsP Mayur Vihar, Madhu Vihar, SHOs of Police Stations Gazipur, Kalyanpuri, Pandav Nagar, and Mayur Vihar have also been part of the exercise. The convoy patrol started from the DCP East Office complex with 14 four-wheelers, 60 two-wheelers, 2 buses, and approximately 100 police personnel including female staff and additional staff got added to the convoy in each police station.

The convoy passed through the identified sensitive and crime-prone areas in the jurisdiction of four police stations i.e. Ghazipur, Kalyanpuri, Pandav Nagar, and Mayur Vihar. A group foot patrolling was also carried out covering 16/16 Block Chowk, Trilokpuri, 20/22 Chowk, 26, 27, 28 & 32 Block, Trilokpuri, etc. Additional DCP, East Delhi, Sachin Sharma said that the residents as well as the passers-by widely cheered, encouraged, and appreciated the exercise of police.

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