A replica of MCD's failure, the stranded underground parking lot in Bhogal Mkt

Update: 2022-12-02 18:58 GMT

New Delhi: While the capital is on the brink of a delayed MCD election, traders, shopkeepers and residents in and around Bhogal Market near Nizamuddin await the opening of an underground parking adjacent to the market. The four level underground parking, whose construction was completed six years back, is now home to stray animals and year round water-logging.

As per Anil Goswami, RWA member of Jangpura A block, the parking is also a manifestation of the fundamental issues with MCD and how it complicates the overall administrative processes of the capital. The 36 crore tender for the parking was cleared in 2010 with the work completion target of 15 months. Harpal Singh, who runs his business in Bhogal market exclaimed dissatisfaction with the MCD and said, "The MCD took the parking charges and conversion charges from the people in the market very enthusiastically, but has shamelessly delayed its inauguration leading to a complete collapse of trust amongst the stakeholders of the market towards the corporation."

Harpal also added that the demand for this parking was very strong from people in the market. But all these demands have yielded no results as the problems of traffic congestion in the market have now evolved into a huge issue with no solutions in sight, he said.

Anil Goswami believes that the problem is very much with the MCD as it lacks the technical knowledge to execute such projects. He added, "MCD doesn't even have qualified engineers, they didn't even do soil tests for this site before starting the project." The unsound practices at the construction site also led to accidents creating trouble for shops and buildings right next to the parking lot, Goswami said. He added, "Even the construction of toilets in the market happened by compromising the green cover in the area, the overall temperament of MCD officials is saddening."

Apart from parking woes, the other major issue in the market is garbage collection and illegal construction of floors on established buildings. Rakesh Sagar of Bhogal Vyapar Samiti explained that after a day's work, one can find the market in a situation where it's tough to walk on the road. He said, "All the food waste from the vegetable and fruit market will be lying around for the whole night with a pungent smell spread across causing breathing issues for households in the market." As per the traders in the market, the MCD has not been responsive to their complaints and the general mismanagement by the corporation leads to a decrease in footfall of buyers. 

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