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Your sorrow is my sorrow: Modi to Kashmiris

What have you seen in Kashmir in the last 30 years? Either it was Congress government or father-son (National Conference) government or father-daughter (PDP) government. You have seen all three types of government.

"For themselves, they got everything but did nothing for you. Get rid of all three of them for once and give me one chance to serve you. I will make your dreams my own. I will put my entire government at your service," the Prime Minister said.

He said corruption had destroyed the northern Indian state Jammu and Kashmir.

"Enough is enough .. corruption has destroyed Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorism has ended but corruption has not. The biggest challenge we face is to end corruption. Unless corruption ends, the common man in Kashmir cannot progress," he said.

In his 30-minute speech, Modi invoked Atal Bihari Vajpayee's concepts of communal harmony, humanity and democracy to share the pain of Kashmiris and promised to take the state to new heights of development.

"People of Kashmir have given me a lot of trust and love. I will repay this love and trust with interest in the form of development. I can die for this love and trust showered on me," he said in his first election meeting in the Valley, that avoided any mention of controversial issues like abrogation of Article 370.

Wearing a traditional Kashmiri 'Pheran', Modi sought to strike a chord with the people saying,"I as Pradhan Sevak have come to share your pain and anguish. Your sorrow is my sorrow, your pain is my pain, your problem is my problem. I have not come to take anything.

"People in the army and police have died so have the innocent youths. Their loss is irreparable and no one can compensate for it but sharing can reduce the pain."

Invoking Vajpayee's famous 2003 speech at the same venue, Modi said,"Vajpayee made a good beginning. I have come to carry this forward. It is my duty to carry forward and fulfil his dreams of Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamhooriyat (democracy) which are the three pillars that can turn around Kashmir in the 21st century on the path of development."

Modi also said the resettlement of displaced people is a national responsibility and his government will ensure that those who have been displaced are rehabilitated.

"The finger pressed on an EVM is more powerful than a finger pressed on the trigger of an AK-47," Modi said addressing an election rally.
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