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Your art, my art

Your art, my art
Nine artists, nine perspectives and nine genres, this is what Chawla Art Gallery’s show Dynamics is all about. The group exhibition by contemporary artists like Amar Sultan, Binoy Varghese, Dileep Sharma, Farhad Hussain, Kamar Alam and many others, began in the Capital from 27 September and will continue till 30 October, at the Square One Mall Saket.

The artists have been diligently selected keeping in mind the potential of their talent. The group of artists have already carved a niche for themselves in the art world with tremendous potential for further growth.

Amar Sultan is a self-taught artist, art has been an intrinsic part of Amar Sultan’s life since childhood. His visual language is diverse and includes a vibrant palette, exquisite strokes, strong textures, inimitable style and dynamic energy.

His current series of works are inspired from the flight of pigeons and their ever ceasing fluttering and cooing.

Binoy Varghese depicts innocent, young among vibrant foliage. A touch of spirituality reflects in his works. He said, ‘I had a strong intuition which lead me to practicing meditation and it lead me to an unconditional love  towards the life and people who are displaced (physically or mentally)  and the marginalised.’

Artist Dileep Sharma claims that his art leads him to self satisfaction. Dileep’s art has his choice of motifs and symbols. With tattoo the artist enters a new game that he plays with his own imagery.
Farhad Hussain’s canvases talk about human relationships. His works are presented with a touch of humor and sarcasm. He explains, ‘As a person I have always enjoyed the inner politics of human relationships. Although  my  works  are  based  on  male  and  female  sexuality,  that are  very   representational  modes  to  create  or  explore  various  layers  of  it.’

While Kamar Alam believes that the basic theme in his art revolves around the spiritual and how the spiritual resides inside every individual, for Mukul Mishra art is the human language elevated into all languages. It is a silent language that every human can hear and understand.

Partha Shaw is a sensitive artist who uses his art as an outlet for his emotions. Partha uses motifs and metaphors to depict nature in his art. An abstractionist, evolving in his field, we can see Partha’s art grow & evolve with the passage of time.

Pratul Dash’s works are engaged with issues concerning environment & urbanization. ‘As bigger Indian cities expand further to push their own limits and small cities get bigger and bigger, there is cramming for space. People from rural areas flood the cities with an increasing and alarming rate, and the cities are reeling under the weight of its population; infrastructure is cracking with large gaps and holes, the civic system is failing, and environment is under serious threat’, he says.

Puja Bahri’s repertoire includes paintings, digital and video art, and sculpture; working in series and a mix and match of media, her art adorns a colourful look.

WHERE: Chawla Art Gallery, Square One Mall, Saket WHEN: On till 30th October
Timings: 11am – 7:00pm daily (Mondays closed)
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