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Worth a wait

As the saying goes “A dog is a man’s best friend”, dog lovers and owners have found truth in this every time they have witnessed cases, either with them or with others, of loyalty and true friendship that their four-legged friends have showed through their acts. 

Daniel (nicknamed Dan) is left bewildered when his girlfriend of four years- Clara, leaves him rather dumps him, leaving behind an ample of unanswered questions, a messy note, an aching heart and Doggo! A dog, which in the first place wasn’t a collective choice of the couple, is the last thing Dan wants to be around after Clara’s unforeseen departure.

 Clara, who had mentioned in her note asking Dan to take Doggo back to the Dogs Home from where she got him, makes Dan do so but then he takes back his decision at the first opportunity he gets after getting face to face with the adversity of the situation. And as the old adage about the best laid plans goes, it’s not late when Dan realises this and just decides to go with the flow.

Dan, who struggles to juggle between his life and career, comes at loggerheads with his employers when he lands himself a new job at an advertising firm.

 Well the smart ass advertising executive has the most amazing plan chalked out when he puts up an unusual request-more of a condition, before his employers- to bring Doggo to office every day! What then follows is a roller coaster ride as Dan works his way out through workplace friendships, rivalries, work commitments, getting involved with Clara’s sister, trying to figure out the truth behind his real biological father and his “strictly” professional and platonic relationship with Edie- his co-worker/ team partner.  

As if this wasn’t enough when suddenly Clara appears at his doorstep out of the blue, asking Dan to take her back. This for a moment leaves Dan in a dilemma but he opts out of it and much to his astonishment he is supported in his decision by Doggo who takes side of his present owner.

Waiting for Doggo traces the journey of a man and his canine friend, who despite developing an unlikeliness for his owner, becomes his close friend and helps him cope with the nitty gritty of life. It is a closely knitted story of a typical suburban working professional who along with his estranged girlfriend’s one and only goodbye gift – an ugly looking adopted dog, takes on the world. 

The title however seems a little irrelevant as it does not clarify the meaning of “wait” tagged with Doggo. But it gets compensated by the way the story has been weaved. Mark Mills turns no stone unturned to make the story form an emotional connect with the readers. With a simple yet strong storyline, the book makes for an interesting read for fiction lovers, either dog lovers or not and makes one wanting for more even after the last page is turned!

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