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‘Wearing a bikini was challenging for me’

Actress Sonam Kapoor says her actor-producer father Anil Kapoor is not at all possessive and doesn’t attach too much significance to her relationships.

‘He is pretty chilled out. He believes I should be happy and joyous and should enjoy whatever I do. He knows how important my career is to me and wants me to be successful and be a better actor and do great films. He doesn’t give a lot of importance to my relationships,’ Sonam said in an interview here.

In her upcoming film Bewakoofiyaan, for the first time Sonam has teamed up with Rishi Kapoor, who plays a doting father. There were reports that the senior actor was upset with Sonam over her comments on his son Ranbir Kapoor on a popular chat show.

When asked if she really had to try hard to break the ice with him, Sonam says, ‘No it was not. You just have to feed him with good food and he is all yours. I would share my home cooked food with him.’

Sonam will also be donning a bikini for the first time in the film. ‘Director Nupur Asthana asked me whether I would like to wear a ‘burkhini’. I am sure not many people must have heard of that. We also tried a tankini. We tried all the possible options. I told Nupur I am an Indian girl and I feel a two piece bikini would look the best... so finally we agreed on that,’ Sonam said.

Earlier, Sonam had said she would never wear a bikini as she thinks she does not have a perfect body to carry it off.

‘There were a couple of occasions where I said I won’t wear a bikini or a swimsuit because I wasn't in the best shape. Wearing a bikini was a challenge for me. I did this for myself. I don’t wear short clothes as I am still not confident about my body,’ she added.

In Bewakofiyaan, Ayushmann Khurrana plays the role of her boyfriend who becomes jobless due to recession. Sonam also said she has always been friends with her exes and it is not tough.
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