‘We are actors, not models!’

‘We are actors, not models!’
Was getting into Bollywood easier for you due to your father?

See, the whole country knows where I come from and who my father is. But I had to strive individually too. I lost around 65 kgs despite being asthmatic. It took me almost six years to convince people to give me work in the industry. People have their own ways of struggling to success, I too had my share.

Are there any pressures of being a producer’s son and a newbie in acting?

Obviously there are. But I believe winners are someone who does not care about pressures. Success follows when you put in hardwork and make a good film.

Who according to you is the best Khan of Bollywood?

Right now am too young to comment or pick any single name. For me all the Khans are super in their own league and what they do work wise.

Which heroine would you love to be paired with in future?

Am still waiting for a hot actress who might appear in the near future. Right now my favourites are Katrina Kaif, Parineeti Chopra and Priyanka Chopra.

What is your role in Rangrezz all about?

I play a guy from a low middle class who strives on basic relation of friendship. The story is about how he puts in all kinds of efforts for his friends and in return faces many problems. The film will appeal to all kinds of audience as majority of the strata belongs to low middle class in our society.

Are good looks more important than acting talent in Bollywood?

The basic thing is performance which has no alternative for it. If an actor can be stylish and look good, that’s like an icing on the cake. We are all actors not models, so more than looking good, its the acting calibre which matters the most.

There are many other star kids on the block. How will you deal with competition?

Competition is there in every field, which in a way is good. For me the most important aspect is to grow as an actor with each of my film. I strive to out do myself in every new role I play. People in media and in the industry can be biased to some but the audience is not biased. Also if out of 100 established people in the industry, 20 of their kids want to pursue the same profession, why is it such a big deal.
Sahi kaam ki shuruwat ghar se he hoti hai

Why did you decide to do the Gangnam style in Rangrezz. Is it a marketing gimmick?

The whole fact that you are asking about it means that its working. Any thing you do for a film is marketing which is now as big as making a film. The song fit in perfectly which is like an entertainment value for people. The basic purpose of taking my film far and wide is achieved owing to this song.

What is the latest in your love life?

I am not comfortable talking about it. I leave that for people to contemplate and find out. I really do not mind people having fun at my expense.
Anubha Singh

Anubha Singh

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