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Trump says would probe email investigation of Clinton

President Barack Obama had claimed to have no knowledge whatsoever of Clinton's illegal email server that jeopardised national security, Trump, 70, said.

"A Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin sent an email saying -- 'looks like the President just said he found out Hillary Clinton was using her personal email when he saw it in the news', to which Cheryl Mills, Clinton's chief of staff at the State Department replied that -- 'We need to clean this up, he has emails from her, they do not say state government'," he said at an election rally yesterday.

Trump said that in other words, Mills was saying Obama had to know Hillary, 69, was using an illegal server but claimed otherwise in public.

"We have to investigate the investigation. Hillary bleached and deleted 33,000 emails, lied to Congress under oath, made 13 phones disappear some with a hammer and then told the FBI she could not remember 39 times," Trump said.

"We have also just learned that one of the closest people to Hillary Clinton, with longstanding ties to her and her husband, gave more than USD 675,000 to the campaign of the spouse of a top FBI official who helped oversee the investigation into Clinton's illegal email server.

"This is disgraceful and shameful and should never happen in America. It is <g data-gr-id="45">corruption</g> of the highest order. The criminal conduct of Hillary threatens the Foundations of our Democracy. We are going to turn it all around," he said.

Trump said if elected, he would immediately repeal and replace Obamacare.

"My first day in office, I am going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk getting rid of this disastrous law and replacing it with reforms that expand choice, freedom and affordability.

"It has just been announced that Americans are going to experience another massive double-digit spike in Obamacare premiums, including more than a 100 <g data-gr-id="44">per cent</g> increase in states like Arizona. One in five Americans trapped on Obamacare will only have a single insurer to choose from," the New York-based business tycoon said.

"Even Bill Clinton admitted Obamacare is 'the craziest thing in the world' where people wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. Insurers are leaving.

Companies are fleeing. Doctors are quitting. It is an absolute disaster," Trump said.

Trump alleged that Hillary Clinton wants to double-down on Obamacare and make it even worse. She wants to put the government totally in charge of your healthcare.

"Repealing Obamacare and stopping Hillary's healthcare takeover is one of the single most important reasons we must win on November 8," he added.
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