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Time to get click happy

Time to get click happy
The annual photo competition held by the Embassy of Sweden since 2010 is back. The Embassy on Monday announced the opening of Swedish innovations — Indian Interpretation: an artistic photo exhibit of co-creation.

The jury will comprise photographers, people from the film fraternity and others related to the field of culture. They’ll select entries which will qualify for an art photo exhibit and get published in an art photo book.

The idea behind the competition is to emphasise openness and interaction among Indians and the Swedish. The competition is organised as part of The Sweden India Nobel Memorial week.

The theme has remain unchanged over the years. ‘There are millions of Indians with billions of perspectives and there are so many Swedish innovations that many of them have still not been looked at. There is still so much to be explored and captured,’ says Saloni Ahluwalia, project manager, Embassy of Sweden.

What makes this photo competition stand aside from the rest is the fact that what equipment you use does not matter. You could capture and interpret Swedish innovations through the lens of any camera — be it professional photo equipment, snapshot cameras or simply a mobile phone. what matters is the ‘creative interpretation’.

‘There are many youngsters who do not own expensive digital cameras. if photo equipment would be kept into account, then entries might be restricted. They are allowed to play with effects and give the photographs an extra touch,’ says Ahluwalia.

Also, participants are not limited in terms of ideas. There are numerous Swedish equipment, for example, computer graphics, Skype, foam, Tetrapak and many others that can be explored and given an Indian perspective.

Participants need to follow certain guidelines which can be accessed from the Embassy of Sweden’s website. Entries from previous years include pictures of a zipper opening, to a photograph of Lord Shiva on a boy’s T-shirt, a Bluetooth device being used by a very old lady — showing the acceptance of Swedish technology by Indians of all age.

So, grab your cameras and go click, experiment, think out of the box and co-create the Indo-Sweden picture.

LAST DATE: 20 August
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