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There is no 'Batman' movie yet: Ben Affleck

There is no Batman movie yet: Ben Affleck
Earlier, there were reports that the 44-year-old star has announced the title of his stand-alone Batman movie but Affleck denied the speculations saying, he is still thinking about the project, reported AceShowbiz.

"I mentioned the other day... It's been around for a long time, the movie... There is no Batman movie happening yet, we're still trying to figure it out, you know, get the script and budget and all that stuff.

"And someone said, 'what are you calling it?' and I had said, like, back when we were promoting another movie, I was like 'we don't have a name for it, we're just going with The Batman or Batman movie', and I said that, and everyone was like 'Affleck announces the title of his Batman movie'," he said



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