Theo so unattractive: Kate Beckinsale

Theo so unattractive: Kate Beckinsale
British actor Kate Beckinsale says her Underworld: Blood Wars co-star Theo James is so “unattractive that it’s hard to look at him full in the face”.

Beckinsale will be seen doing some action as well as some supernatural stuff in the forthcoming film Underworld: Blood Wars - the fifth film in the action horror series, the publicist said.  The actor was seen sharing screen space with James in 2012 film Underworld: Awakening. 

“It was great working with Theo again. It’s almost like this British jolly theatre trip which he and I were part of. Of course, he is so unattractive that it’s hard to look him full in the face (laughs),” Beckinsale said.  She added: “I rented him a ferret one day just to cheer him up, and that’s something no one really knows.”

Underworld: Blood Wars follows the life of vampire death dealer, Selene (played by Beckinsale Kate), as she fends off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the vampire faction that betrayed her.  She is supported by her allies David (played by James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance). 

The Sony Pictures Entertainment film will release in India on December 2. 

The actor says people should watch out for new characters.

“I really do like the fact that there’s all these new different characters in this, such a transformation going on for Selene in this movie,” she said. 


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