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The journey of the mind

The journey of the mind
The city is set to witness some great work as the art exhibition Spiritual Sojourn, is brought to us by  Shridhar Iyer. The exhibition showcases paintings and installations by him - organic installations, coir coats, canvasses and paper works form the show.

Iyer’s works illustrate the range of approaches - from gestural to minimal, from chromatic to structural, from the expressionist exuberance of one age to the organic purity that characterises modern abstract art in general. Perhaps a closer scrutiny of those work and many others reflects wisdom, fortitude and spiritual fervour.

For Iyer abstraction goes beyond the merely visual, and the aesthetic impact is heightened by the use of a flattened cubist space to tilt the pathology of perspective upward, as if it were about to spill out of the picture into the real world. Two videos with cosmic grooves and the khus installations are the highlight of this show by one of India’s finest abstractionists who believes art is a pilgrim’s journey.Iyer is known as a pilgrim in search of the intangible. A silent vibration of a mantra emanates from his countenance. His paintings are Pollockian canvasses that are beautiful and they are indepth conversations about the spiritual leanings that are specifically sited within the compartments of his interior journey.

 The artist says, ‘I have always  thought  long and deeply about  space and I imagine I would like to make something that I can carry and keep because my experience comes from my journey. So, coincidentally and perfectly, I am very happy that I am showing after a span of five years and in these years I have had many journeys. I think art is something that comes with one’s own feelings and every time I create its about the penetration of my mind into the satisfaction of what I create’.
Tactility is central to Iyer’s works. He adds, ‘Yes it is the beginning and the end of the journeys that I take. After all my journey isn’t only going to a place of pilgrimage or Hrishikesh, Kumbh, Gangotri or any other place- it is also the journey that I carry in my mind. I want the desire to touch and the desire to breathe through creativity to be very much alive’.In the journey of what is partially doing and reconfiguring is that the artist becomes a veritable spinner who has created his own signature of techniques and sensibilities with a lot of effort. Everything has been brought to a certain stage and you can sense a releasing of the tension, in which there is a selective creation of the artist’s personal version. His works with three different entities of materiality to evolve the crucial construct.
The installations showcase an incredible range of humble organic materials that he has experimented with over the years.
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