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The face beneath the mask

The face beneath the mask
He is an artist by soul, having more than 40 years of experience in the field using different mediums, he has also designed several Festivals in India and abroad.

The Capital will soon witness his next exhibition titled, The Mask journey continues... The mask is a projection of our serene outer self as it disguises the suffering of the inner soul. At one end masks symbolises the face of falsehood, at another they give us an all new identity - a new face. The artiste believes we often wish to have a power that not just allows us to read someone’s mind but also our own at times, to see who lives behind that face.

Elaborating  the theme he says, ‘Masks can project our tumultuous state of mind and hide those inner feelings. Mask can shield us from danger or can suggest danger to others. They can be part of our assumption of what we would like to be, or of what we fear we may become.’ In his works every individual mask is reflective of how we perceive ourselves, how we want others to perceive us, and how we perceive those around us. Basically, leading a simple life, devoid of any dual-faced identity is not so tough but then how to convince the mind, which keeps throwing up wild thoughts and worries to complicate things or rather life further.

When: 18 January, 11 am
Where: M.F Hussain Art Gallery
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