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The essence of her

The essence of her
The Capital is going to see an art exhibition The Opening Show of the Novice where artist Astha Mittal had put her thoughts on the canvas miffed by the state of women in the society. She dedicates the show to all the woman who share a unconditional relationship with the society and its tradition. 

The artist who is an engineering graduate with an advertising degree finds art very liberating and peaceful and so she translates her thoughts into an expression on canvas. 

Observing her surroundings, Mittal has used her experience to portray the way women are seen in society today. 

Mittal uses a mix of acrylic and oil on wood of figurative abstracts. She says, ‘Painting is a strong medium and  I have tried learning it on my own over the years. In this particular body of work, I have wished to showcase an essence of ‘her’ which is never spoken of or lost in oblivion because of social customs and practices. 

It is the woman who is always questioned about her traditions, customs and the so-called societal obligations. 

Even being an educated, well travelled, exposed to different cultures one is tied down to follow our customary nonsensical traditions, apparently only meant for women.My art depicts that apathy of a woman and how she fights for her freedom of thoughts, beliefs each day’. Mittal who gets inspired by her mother adds, ‘The main inspiration behind this work is my mother who is an epitome of patience, love and perseverance’.
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