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Musk supports Democratic presidential candidate on Twitter

San Francisco: Multi-billionaire tech moghul Elon Musk has openly supported Democratic candidate Andrew Yang who is the fray for the 2020 US presidential election, on Twitter.

In response to a tweet Yang, 44, posted about being open-minded and solving problems, Musk replied: "I support Yang," on Twitter on Saturday.

"He would be our first openly goth President. I think this is very important," Musk added in another tweet.

Musk's goth reference for Yang comes from one of the latter's April interviews where he confessed to once being a member of the counter-culture.

Yang is a venture capitalist from New York. If he wins, has promised to work towards providing a universal basic income for all citizens, automating the economy and improving medicare in the US.

Musk's tweet in support of Yang has already gathered over 15,000 retweets and nearly 80,000 likes.

Acknowledging Musk's support Yang expressed his gratitude.

"Thank you Elon - this means a great deal. Congrats on building the future."

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