Tales from bygone times

Tales from bygone times
Arth, experimentation with physical theatre, embedded into a periodical story was performed by students of Shri Ram Centre of Performing Arts on March 24 at Shri Ram Centre. The Hindi play leaves an imprint in Indian theatre with an innovative perspective to a periodical story.

Written and directed by Niloy Roy, the play’s two consecutive shows challenged human limitations along with parameters of story-telling capability in an unconventional way.  It has hardly been seen in India that a periodical story is being told in this format where actors are more than real, yet maintaining a well directed aesthetic sense of performance.

Their physical capability matched the rhythms of nagara and taal that was well assisted by well thought classical vocal ragas.  The breakup of scenes into elegant use of colours, choreographed movements and the usage of stage kept the audience spellbound. Though the language had been essentially Hindi in its pristine form, today’s generation as well as audience from this metro city, were captivated by the visual accomplishment.

The story does not take us to any specific personality in the history, rather depicting the larger global issue of economic imbalance and political interference that can be easily equated with contemporary economical situation.

Arth, the substance or the financial value as it might be connoted, is a periodical play that is set in 320 BC. The play reveals intricacies of values in life and society, when even Mauryan empire falls prey to internal conflicts of a human being. Though non-specific to any particular historical character, Arth brings the essence of economical dominance marred by political lineages.

Chanakya, Bindusara and their lives are catalysts to the changes in pages of history but the play revolves around the dilemmas of common man and their rebellious disposition to create their own liberated thought process, embalmed by the advent of political and religious change. The political conflict between Takshshila and Mauryan Empire is the symbolic expression of dominance and veiled manipulation of financial axis to control the livelihood and resources.


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