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Surya still backs alliance

 MPOST BUREAU |  2016-07-03 22:17:07.0  |  Siliguri

Surya still backs alliance

Misra’s statement comes at a time when the politburo members will sit with the state committee members on July 10 to rectify the decision.

The Left Front has formally announced that it will not invite Congress to join any of their programmes.

Misra said the alliance had done well and CPI(M) did badly due organisational weakness. He said the alliance would continue as long as it received support from the people. However, he did not say how the organisational strength of the party could be improved. 

It may be recalled that in the three day meeting of the Central Committee held in Delhi between June 18 and 20, the CC had categorically stated that the tactics taken in West Bengal to have alliance with Congress was wrong. Misra who was present at the meeting was “censured.”

Party insiders said Misra was not in a position to admit his fault as he, along with the former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya had taken the initiative to have an alliance with Congress. Party insiders said if the issue of alliance with Congress was not formally resolved, the party would split. 

Already the party has only 26 MLAs in the Assembly and 2 MPs in Lok Sabha.



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