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Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain

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In a poisonous limbo

4 Nov 2019 4:47 PM GMT
As NCR reels under severe air quality, we ought to act, and act fast

Don't kill the flow

29 Oct 2019 1:52 PM GMT
Lack of ecological flow disrupts a river’s self-purifying mechanism, rendering it to the mercy of its users who either pollute or overuse it

A battle for clear skies & lungs

15 Oct 2019 4:49 PM GMT
Delhi needs to completely transition to clean fuel and address local sources of pollution in a bid to get the air quality we deserve

Cheering for toilets, with caution

25 Sep 2019 3:23 PM GMT
India successfully built 100 million toilets but this success must be made sustainable

The good food business

15 Sep 2019 4:44 PM GMT
The 2019 edition of First Food: Business of Taste brings you the knowledge of livelihoods that connect to First Food – the good food

The dictum on desertification

3 Sep 2019 3:27 PM GMT
With land being at the core of fighting climate change which is certain to hurt all sections eventually, UNCCD COP14 presents an opportunity

The climate factor

12 Aug 2019 3:25 PM GMT
World does not have the bandwidth to handle Climate Change-induced migration

Ode to politics of consensus

5 Aug 2019 4:32 PM GMT
Sheila Dikshit way of politics must not go out of fashion

Catch where it falls

21 July 2019 5:46 PM GMT
We have not understood the science and art of harvesting rain on land. It is time we learn the tradition for water revolution

Recycle waste 'in my backyard'

10 July 2019 3:11 PM GMT
The business of recycling only works when it discounts the costs of health and the environment of poor people working in dangerous conditions

Waste trade: Is this right?

18 Jun 2019 5:58 PM GMT
Waste is a resource for traders, but there is waste that cannot be recycled and must be burnt

Charter for the new government

30 May 2019 4:43 PM GMT
Environment, unemployment and agrarian crisis not playing a decisive role in the general election does not imply that these issues are peripheral
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