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The Ship of Friends...

The Ship of Friends...
A day like today should be celebrated for the various 'friends' that we have earned in life. Today, I choose to throw light into the few categories of 'friends' that fill our lives with love, experience and lesson.
Best Friends:
More often than not, the title of the best friend keeps changing. The childhood buddy who was the partner in crime and crisis might or might not hold the same status for a lifetime. Time, situation, distance, mental wavelength alters a lot. Loyalty and dedication defines the true best friends. Near or far, lucky are those who can hold on to each other through various ups and downs and be best friends forever. Best Friends are priceless and indispensable.
Close Friends:
They usually belong to a group. Be it in school, college, neighborhood or friends of friends, they would hang around and share happy or cloudy moments together. Close friends remain partially attached to our lives but lack the loyalty that a bestie would exhibit.
Fake Friends:
The ones that wear the good friend mask so well that we trust them blindly. These 'friends' would be too sweet, too close, too warm and unfortunately when the true face comes out, we feel shattered. It is very unfortunate when we get stabbed as the souls get damaged forever. These are often harmful beasts that leave lessons behind.
Everybody's Friend:
A category of people are blessed with the capacity of being friends with a world of people. My personal experience believes that the one who is 'everybody's friend' probably lacks the qualifications to be that one best friend who is a buddy for life. They are too busy being nice and friendly to all and can never prioritise. One that belongs to all can never belong to any 'one'.
Pawed ones:
The pet that waits for you to get home, shares your bed and life is a very special friend. Your furry friend will never let you down. All they know is to love unconditionally and they remain the special best friend to
cuddle and love.
Friends in need:
They only remember when there is need. Most would conveniently forget the help or favours extended. They are thick skinned and would never hesitate to get in touch when need arises. It is always a one sided investment that would perhaps never pay any happy returns. Friends in need are not friends indeed!
Workplace Friends:
They are usually never 'friends' but we tend to believe that they are and would remain loyal to the definition of friendship. Competition and comparison rule the mind of co-workers. Colleagues are colleagues. They are not friends. It is also true that most of these associations die a natural death if jobs are switched.
Connected through social network, these would like, love and wow your posts. Some would also be generous to comment too. In our ever busy lives, these 'e-friends' add colour, motivation, encouragement and their involvement in our e- lives do make us feel special. Thousands of such friends remain virtually connected twenty four seven.
Friendship is a bond and a commitment that has to be maintained. It can never be taken for granted. Life is truly beautiful if we have a few friends who keep the flame of faith and love glowing. Family, siblings are also the friends we are lucky to have. Today is the day to let the special ones know how much they mean. A simple hug or a few words have its own magic. Do hold on to those who hold on to you. Raise a toast to the ones that add smiles and sail happily on the ship of our lives..
Have a Happy Friendship Day... Everyday!
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