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Distinguishing the face from the mask

If you have a positive inner self, nobody can scar it. The best way to be a happier individual is to have lesser emotional involvement. Take your time before you trust others.

I can't trust anyone. I feel everyone is selfish and only there for a reason. Is this abnormal?

Name unknown

At first, I request you to have confidence in yourself. If you have a positive inner self, nobody can scar it. It is indeed a fact that in the present time, there seems to be a difference between the face and the mask. People do have hidden agendas which may conflict your expectations. The best way to be a happier individual is to have lesser emotional involvement. Give every association the time it requires before you give in or open up completely. Selfish people do exist but, alongside, good souls exist too. Life will bring both. Wish you luck to differentiate between the two. Don't panic and just be yourself!

I'm a divorced woman and I fail to understand why frustrated men always hover around? Does being single mean available these days?

Kriti Sen, Kolkata

Ideally, it shouldn't be but, most of the time, the 'ideal' situations don't happen. The society and its various animals act and react in a manner that reflects their true nature. Be firm in your belief and don't let these winds break you down. Let go of yourself only when you are ready. Be single and be happy in your world. Ignorance is bliss and use this weapon as long as you don't find the 'right' one. Avoid creeps. Kill them with your attitude.

I was physically intimate with my cousin when I last visited my aunt in our village. He is 11 years older than me and I'm in school. I feel terribly guilty and don't know how to face him again.

Name unknown

There is nothing you can do to undo. The options are simple – forget it like a sweet dream or a bitter nightmare or else, live with the guilt forever. If you are uncomfortable looking back, then I sincerely suggest that you delete the memory as soon as you can. The encounter should be forgotten and treated more like an accident. Don't be guilty and just move on.

I have recently found out that my father (businessman) is associated with a lot of young models. They exchange very erotic messages and pictures. Should I tell my mother?

S. Singh, New Delhi

You can always have a transparent communication with your father. Observe his reaction and hear his reply. Telling your mother will hurt her and this is avoidable right now. Your father surely needs to know that you are aware of his 'other' side. Suggest you tell him that you have known from a few friends rather than disclosing the truth. As he might be alert and delete information from the phone forever. Don't be hyper, handle it well and see the results. Good luck.

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